Kate Moss Screen Print. Inspiration: Ziggy Stardust/Aladdin Sane



Fashion Beast

Dress her up, dress her down, you can even undress her..she still looks a perfect 10.  Check out this Kate Moss print and the wonders of a womans body. Photograph courtesy of Vogue China 2008.  Image editing courtesy of Beastdee LA designs.

For Your Entertainment

Bad Bitches with cute style...



Two of the most beautiful faces in fashion without a doubt.  The uniqueness in their facial features is irresistible.  From Natalie's stunning eyes and beautiful complexion to Kate's sensual lips and seductive eyes. It is without a doubt, that designers fight over these beauties. For the sake of beauty, art and FASHION, I have chosen these very beauties for my current escapade. I will feature designs inspired by them, their beauty and their style. Stay tuned...


NEW Beastdee LA design...

One of many designs for Beastdee LA featuring the most renowned designers, models, stars, socialites, real people of the world and just anything that screams FASHION!


Dev- Booty Bounce

Theres nothing better than good music and hott style! Wardrobe by Hellz Bellz.


RODARTE : States of Matter

The immaculate original costumes of 'Black Swan' along with other pieces of Rodarte's runway collections now showcasing at MOCA. The Mulleavy sisters did it yet again with their amazing creations for the Black Swan's ballet costumes. Kate and Laura Mulleavy were the ideal choice for the costume designs. The duo constructed very feminine detailed pieces adding their signature criss-crossing and intricate hand embroidery. The ballet costumes were immaculately executed and are exhibited as is without any alterations. The exhibition also includes pieces from the Rodarte's Spring 2010, Fall 2010 and Fall 2008 Runway collections. Do not miss the exhibition at MOCA Pacific Design Center 3.4.11-6.5.11.