Backyard Fashion

We all know how much you love that old grungy pair of Converse Chuck Taylors, but we also know how much you love the environment, so why not plant a tree in your shoe. I know, it sounds silly, but many do it and I have proof. On my most recent visit to beautiful free spirited San Francisco, I visited The Alamo Square Park and was amazed with what they did. Near the restrooms, there is a garden of shoe pots with living plants in them. Yes, I know we recycle paper, plastic, cardboard and yes we even recycle our clothes at Buy, Sell, Trade centers, but have you ever planted a seed in your shoe? Well if you're an earthy tree hugger like me, grab an old pair of shoes and create beautiful fashionable tree pots out of them. Trust me it will give your garden a whole new level of style.